Machine field wiring

Machine field wiring

The Turin-based company Emmeciquadri ensures a 360-degree service, by sending to you a team of technicians who will also take care of field switchboard wiring and commissioning.

All equipment manufactured by Emmeciquadri meets the highest safety standards imposed by law.

Cabling operations are performed with the utmost care and competence. 

Moreover, alongside traditional operations in the customer premises (always available on request), we also offer the possibility of pre-wiring in our office with the possibility of on-site testing. This makes it possible for the customer to evaluate the best solution and weigh the final cost/benefit ratio, taking into account the transport costs of the machines that require wiring (which raise the cost) but also of travel and reimbursement of workers (who, if the work takes place at our office, don't need to travel anymore), in addition to the logistical advantages that having a greater work area entails. As our philosophy dictates, we will choose the solution that ensures the greatest benefits and mutual satisfaction.

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