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Emmeciquadri was established in 2008 in Leini, in the province of Turin, as an evolution of Euroquadri srl, a company with twenty years of experience in the design and construction of electrical panels, PLC and HMI software, all available as turnkey solutions.

Emmeciquadri offers its services as your company's primary supplier for designing and implementing the processes related to the world of electrical automation panels, also including installation and after-sales services.

The Emmeciquadri staff is highly skilled and qualified, and is able to meet our customers' demands by offering the best quality/cost solutions.

Our goal and our core philosophy is not that of making profit by lowering the quality of our work; we seek to improve efficiency and thus reduce costs, preferring to invest in new machinery and in a better structure and industrialisation of our work, thus combining the artisan-style product customisation and attention to detail with the low wastes and efficiency of industrial work. 

We like to look for new challenges and new ways of working to improve our skills: by doing so we have satisfied customers who have entrusted us their new work, which we try to bring to the best results in order to continue our growth.

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